Ropes on Hand

Yes, "On Hand" is what we mean. All of our products are hand made from ropes and other accessories that have an individual life history. We acquire our materials from climbers.  So once a material is used, that's it, gone. Our co-founder, Kari, names each rope to describe it best. It's fun and very cool. The uniqueness of CLIFFHOUND goods is awesome!
All of our ropes are described in diameter millimeters same units as the rope is sold to climbers.
Small dogs (6 - 20 lbs) =  ~ 3/8 in. thickness
Medium dogs (20 - 60 lbs) = ~ 1/2 in. thickness
Large dogs (50 or > lbs) = ~ 3/4 in. thickness

Small Dogs

Less than 10 mm

Medium to Large

Dogs 10-11 mm


More than 11 mm

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